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Entry form WORD:  2017 Crones’ View Short & Sweet

Entry form PDF:  2017 Crones’ View Short & Sweet


UPDATES…August 16, 2017:

  • Handler meeting 8 a.m.  First dog on the field 8:15 a.m
  • The  open course is what might be called a “modified field/arena” style trial.  A 200 yard outrun with a figure 8 barrel fetch; a chute plus drive away panel; and, a trailer finish.  The rest of the course is traditional, i.e. cross-drive and shed. (diagram below).  Approximately 7 or 8 minutes.
  • The pro-novice course will be more along the lines of a traditional field course with the addition of the extra chute (no trailer and no figure 8). Approximately 6 minutes. Handler’s will be allowed to assist dogs should they have difficulty locating the sheep as per judge’s instructions and time constraints.
  • The novice course will be a traditional novice course.  Handlers will be allowed to assist their dogs in certain phases of the course as per judge’s instructions.
  • Shade is non-existent as the day goes on.  So, be prepared to shade yourselves and your dogs.
  • Spectator seating along the trial fence line.
  • Temps are supposed to range from 60+ in the morning to 90+ in the afternoon.
  • Water for dogs will be available on and off the field.
  • Parking can be tight, therefore, please maximize parking around the compound.  Please pull nose or tail in when possible.  Diagonal parking along far back fence and along the entrance road. Please leave the sheep exhaust runway open (i.e.don’t park there).  We will be around to help you park.
  • Pooper-scoopers will be available.  Please pick up after your dogs in the compound and driveway areas.  You may also run your dogs in the lower alfalfa field (don’t worry about picking up out there).


  From Boise or Onterio, Oregon.  Take I-84 to Exit 3 (on the Oregon/Idaho border).  Head SOUTH on Highway 95 towards Parma/Notus (do NOT go towards Fruitland). From the exit ramp, travel 4.5 miles south on highway 95. Look for Echo Lane/Ave.  Turn left onto Echo.  Go 1/4 mile to 1st Lane East.  Turn right onto 1st Lane East.  Travel 3/4 mile on 1st Lane East.  Look for 3757 1st Lane East and trial field on the right side of the road.  There will be signage to guide you.

From Parma/Notus:  Head north on highway 95.  Go approximately 7 miles from Parma until you see Delmar Lane.  Turn right onto Delmar Lane.  Delmar Lane will dead end into 1st Lane East.  Turn left onto 1st Lane East.  Travel approximately 1/4 mile.  Crones’ View Farm is on the left side of the road. Look for the signs at the driveway.  Do NOT make the mistake of turning too soon ….or, you’ll find yourself on an irrigation ditch road which is difficult to turn around on.

We look forward to having everyone at Crones’ View for our first annual “Short and Sweet SDT.”  Thanks so much for coming.  A special thank you to all of the folks who have so generously volunteered their time.  Believe me, without you…none of this would happen.  THANK YOU!!

Linda Whedbee & Lisbeth Vincent

Run Order:Run Order for Open and Pro Novice Aug 19, 2017





Coming Up August 19:  Crones’ View Short N’ Sweet Sheep Dog Trial

I have to admit, when we  began to put this trial together, I totally forgot that the weekend  was also “solar eclipse” weekend.  The Boise area (specifically Weiser, Idaho)  has been identified as the “prime” observation spot in the United States.  Consequently, the community will be inundated with observers from all over the country.  This means that if you plan on entering the trial, and, you don’t have a place to stay yet, I would recommend you get on it right away.  If you run into difficulty, you might want to check in with handlers in the area to see if they have space available.  We have limited dry docking space for self-contained RV’s.  We will need a heads up in advance.

Also, should anyone want to stick around for the eclipse on Monday, we will have a very good viewing area on the pasture (guessing about 99% total eclipse).  If you want to pitch a tent and stick around Sunday and Monday, we will have a couple porta potties and water hydrants available. But, NO SHADE. We can also work dogs and just hang out.  There are an abundance of restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores all within a 30 mile radius (so, you don’t actually have to go into Boise if you don’t want to).  Please let us know if you plan on staying over and watching the eclipse here at Crones’ View. (See the path of the eclipse for Idaho below. We are in Payette County.)

If you have questions, please feel free to call: 970-213-1328, or, email at:  Leave a message– if we don’t answer– and, we will get back with you as soon as we can.