Crones’ Cove


And Overview:

Five or six months of the year, we spend just north of the village of San Felipe, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja.  Because of Lisbeth’s health needs, we are situated a couple of hours from the United States border.  We live in North America’s largest independent-dwelling solar community–El Dorado Ranch(EDR) (Los Viajeros North & South).  We are totally off-the-grid.  With the exception of some propane to run a propane refrigerator and to cook, and, a couple of bonfires using dead palo verde and mesquite, we are totally dependent on the sun for our energy needs.  This means no microwave and no blow dryer.  But, it’s a very small price to pay in exchange for freedom from our normal dependency on the grid.  Last winter season we installed a solar hot water system.  We are excited to see how that shapes up for us in the 2017-2018 winter season.  Thanks to our good friends, Sharron Crowley and Lynda Catherwood, we also were introduced to the GoSun solar cooking system.  That cooking utensil will be incorporated more fully in our repertoire of gear this next season also.  We “get it” that it takes energy to create energy efficient tools/technology.  Consequently, we are always on the lookout for solar items that require a minimum of energy to build, inexpensive to purchase, and, which provide a maximum in the lifespan department. If it meets those criteria, we have probably found it and have tried it!

Crones’ Cove (or, “Casa de las Tortugas Viejas) also has a pad for our motorhome.Our motor home is equipped with 8 solar panels.  We have an additional 2 solar panels on the roof of our “casita” on our property at EDR.  Our casita has storage space for our sand rail (like a dune buggy only more heavy duty) and other items, as well as a bathroom.  We also have a screened room for eating, reading, parties, and general hanging out.  Our place also has an outdoor patio with a kitchen and bar, which gets LOTS of use.  We have spectacular views of sea and mountains as Crones’ Cove is situated just a couple of miles from the Sea of Cortez to the east and about 20 or 30 miles from  Mount Diablo and the San Pedro Martir mountain range to the west. We like to think we have the best of three worlds: the sea, the desert, and the mountains. Our community boasts a fantastic outdoor pool, tennis courts, golf course, equine center, and Saturday market.  We are minutes from downtown San Felipe and outstanding and truly unique dining experiences. People often ask if we, “feel safe” in Mexico.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that we feel as safe there as we do in rural America….and, way safer than in any of the American cities we’ve lived in. Having said that, I should also note–and, it should come as no surprise– when their economy goes south (usually because our economy has tanked) they see a rise in burglaries…but, not necessarily violent crime. This is a global condition. When people can’t find jobs.  When they can’t earn enough money to feed and shelter their families, they (read: we) resort to desperate means to achieve the same end.  Our experience has been that the local nationals are incredibly welcoming and patient with the 5,000 plus Americans and Canadians who snowbird to their area each year. We have had the honor and privilege of being welcomed into the homes of many Mexican families.  And, over the years (20+), have developed some of the deepest and most caring friendships. They have no problem with us.  We seem to be the ones who struggle most with the concept of “other.”

No doubt about it, we are truly blessed to have stumbled upon a large slice of paradise: San Felipe, Baja, Mexico — home of  NO BAD DAYS.

….now, if I could only figure out how to continue working the dogs on sheep….  🙂