Border Collie Stuff


Over the last few years there has been some discussion and debate in the USBCHA over the merits of changing the way handler/dog teams are advanced from the semi-final round to the semi-final round of competition at the National Finals.  What follows is three years worth of information and analysis that Lisbeth and I have put together using information available to us from the Finals in 2011, 2014, and 2015.

In case you are interested in our credentials, Lisbeth taught statistical methods and analysis at the university level.  I was one of her students.  As a post graduate student, I worked with her on several Federal grants where developed methods of data collection, administered training, analyzed data, and wrote up our findings.  We are both retired professional educators with a passionate belief that knowledge should be shared.

Analysis of USBCHA Finals (Preliminary Round Advancing to Semi-Finals)