2012 Finals: Summary Analysis of Results

2012 National Finals:  Summary Analysis of Results Revised in 2015** Whedbee/Vincent What follows is a brief look at the number of teams advancing from the preliminary round into the semi-final round. Up to this point we had been looking strictly at the runs from a “morning and afternoon” standpoint.  It was suggested we tease out the […]

2014 Finals: An Analysis of Prelims w/ Overlay of 10/Day

To:  Carol Clawson From:  Linda Whedbee & Lisbeth Vincent Re:  Brief Statistical Analysis of 2014 National Finals Preliminary/Semi-Final Results We have completed an analysis of the data from the 2014 National Finals.  Specific information on which day and time of the day the teams competed is not available. We have assumed that 38 teams competed […]

A Look at 2015 Finals & Proposed 10/Day Change

To: Carol Clawson, District Representatives, and General Membership of USBCHA From: Linda Whedbee & Lisbeth Vincent Date: December, 2015 Re:  Brief Statitistical Analysis of 2015 National Finals–Preliminary to Semi-Final Results Plus Scenario Depiction using Proposed Ten-Day System Introduction We have completed our analysis of the data from the 2015 National Finals. We have reviewed the […]